my new record “central state” is dedicated to:

– those buried in unmarked graves, on “asylum” grounds
– those whose stories were never told and are now lost forever
– those who were diagnosed “mad” for merely being different and not fitting in
– those who were institutionalized against their will
– those who were disowned by their families
– those that were lobotomized or given “shock therapy” — even for relatively minor conditions like depression or “rebellious behavior” (especially children)
– those that were brutalized and physically or sexually abused by staff, or fellow patients
– those that escaped and subsequently died on the streets, homeless
– those that overdosed on prescribed medications
– those that took their own lives
– and those who, against all odds, held fast… and somehow survived.

i’m excited to share the first song “open sky” from my upcoming new record with you! it’s a somewhat intriguing tune… dreamlike and cyclic in nature, with lots of layered voices and interweaving parts. where does it take you? what does it make you think of? what color is it, to you? i’d be interested to hear your thoughts…

you can stream it here: http://www.marktulk.com/music.html

yes. my new full-length record is finally here! well, digitally at least… artwork is nearing completion, and it’ll be sent off for replication early july (right after a wee celebratory vacation next month!). so… it’ll definitely exist in material form by mid-july, ready  for an early august (official) release. and what does it sound like? well rather good, i think… i really like it at least… oh, if you haven’t come across this yet… my “unabashed self-promoting” ways on twitter and facebook… here’s the first (totally unsolicited) endorsement from the gent that mastered it at abbey road:

“I enjoyed this album, Mark, nice sounds and good music. I’d have this as a permanent resident on my mp3 player. Good job!” – Sean Magee, Mastering Engineer, Abbey Road (Beatles Remastered 2010, John Lennon Remastered 2010 etc)

now — quite honestly — that’s good enough for me! if someone of that caliber seriously likes my music (and thinks it was well recorded and mixed etc)… that’s about all the encouragement i’m ever likely to need, this side o’ the dark river… and i do need it, you know. ’cause a lot of the time i feel as if i’m getting nowhere.

but i must be doing something right!

right? 🙂

i’m pretty excited to announce that, despite a myriad of diversions and delays, i am nearing completion of a new full length record. after having been silent since 2009’s “At The End Of The Day” (moving to the U.S had something to do with this…) it’s great to be so close to airing this new material. we’re now in the final stages of tracking overdubs (and mixing as i go) here at RoomFiftyThree… & Small House Records has scheduled a late december pre-release. so stay tuned. i’m really happy with what i’ve been able to pin down thus far. and i honestly can’t wait to pour this smoldering mess of atoms in your ear.

random fragments

ghosts of the past rising and falling. beginning to fade. the faces first. then the names. hail o golden light. o ever-widening way.

jimson weeds crowned his head. the boy lay, now still. dreaming? with a hand full of dark berries he left at dusk. for the river.

cleansing his hands. in dust and in sky. in blood and in thyme. with wild flowers blooming.

the nightman passes. he smells of saltbush. we is dreaming beneath the boab trees. this ditch is quiet. full of damp tubers.

seeking soft asylum. a house of clay. o to lie beneath wet leaves. inhaling. exhaling. the day.

a soft buzzing in the bones. red earth amongst the reeds.

all gone. save the eyes. and a brain full o’ nematodes. he holds hands with silence. and kneels before. this wall of days.

sleeping beneath a sallow globe. he gone at dawn. taken. high above soft, creamy roads.

from loamy light. to pools of gray. why the eyes. always last to leave.

today it occurred to me. for the first time evenly. and in a flash all sudden. that i don’t need a career. i don’t need a career. that’s right. I DON’T NEED A CAREER.

so why did they lie to us back in school? and why have those voices continued to lie? covering me with years. and why have i wasted so much time trying to please those… now faceless, nameless… the ever-fading. wasn’t it enough to simply pursue that for which i was made? music. art. creativity…

this revelation now falls like a dark curtain all covered in whys. to the unlocked day. all white light. ever-expanding, hissing air. when all i needed was enough to survive. and time to dream. to build imaginary bridges across non-existent streams. o earth. some things reveal themselves too slowly. and take half a lifetime. to be half-imagined.