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the new record – Of Memory And The Dark Night – is nearing completion! finally. it’s mixed, and was mastered at sterling sound here in NYC by the legendary Greg Calbi. what a long haul it’s been though! 🙂

part of the delay has been life. again. (continually getting in the way of the ways of art!). but perhaps also my reluctance to confront some “creative” demons, like… well,  just how confrontational should art be?! as artists, when does our work cease being “entertainment” and enter the realm of “therapy”… to help us (and our audience) confront and make sense of the pain and tragedy of life? is it even an appropriate place for this… for catharsis (whilst traversing the covert lanes and dark night of the subconscious…)? or is that merely self-indulgence? i still can’t fully answer all that. mostly, my songs are concerned with other people’s stories (real or imagined) or an entangled mess of truth and “lies”…

i’ve also spent time pondering the point of writing, recording and continuing to release music to a virtual, invisible (and largely unknowable) audience, as well — not to say i don’t value my small, but devoted group of supporters (i do!) — but does anyone really need more “new” music? and do i have anything of value to add to the conversation? if indeed it still is a conversation.

but back to those demons… and an advance warning. one particular track recounts the true story (told from the victim’s perspective, in first person) of a childhood sexual abuse case, involving an eight-year-old boy and an off-duty policeman/boy-scout master. it’s not explicit, but it is a tough listen. and i apologize ahead of time for that. after weighing up the appropriateness of including such heavy content, i decided it needed to be on the record. but feel free to skip this one, if you need to. playlists are good for that. but if you persevere, hopefully the expression of this sort of trauma — whilst painful — may prove in some way beneficial to your soul, or at the very least help you face this dark subject. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men, after all, are sexually assaulted as children… so (whether we want to look at this or not) the earth’s full of those whose voices were taken from them when they were small… many never get them back. the song is in no way gratuitous or sensational. just profoundly disturbing. life’s like that sometimes.

despite the above-mentioned, the new record contains much beauty and light, as well. these days, however (and this may change) the light doesn’t seem as bright as i remember it.

till next time. M.

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