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social sickness.

will likely cease updating (or delete) my facebook and twitter soon.

sick of maintaing all these virtual lives. sick of my thoughts being fodder for advertisers and data harvesters to feed upon, repackage and on-sell, to people like me, who are similarly uninterested. sick of living in the shadow of NSA surveillance… all the paranoia that comes with that… and no longer feeling free to raise my voice. living in times where the occupy movement is considered “terrorism.” and freedom-of-speech heroes  are labeled “un-american” and “enemy spies.” and it’s legal to stalk, shoot and kill unarmed (black) boys in “self defense.”

though i’ve nothing to hide, i’m sick of the shaky ground i live on, not being a citizen, but merely a “permanent” resident. despite the rhetoric, we all know how this country has historically treated its immigrants… its activists, its non-conformists, its minorities, its protestors… its indie journalists… especially when they shine a light on corruption in high places. sick of all the shallowness, the self promotion the game-playing… and all the time wasted keeping up this facade. it ultimately means nothing. if you like my music, thanks so much. i do appreciate it. but maybe just scrawl my name on a sticky note and google it every now and then… i may release another record one of these days. you may like that too! 🙂 cheers.

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