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although born and raised in a country called australia (and while i won’t deny having lived there most of my life) i maintain that i am not australian. a “g’day” may slip from my lips after a few glasses of wine… but i am no more australian than i am american. although, as it happens, i now live in this country called america. americans like to call australia “downunder”. but it is here, in america, that i have learnt to drink cold tea, say “y’all” and believe “the south will rise again”.

i am unlikely to visit my local flag store… but it’s not what you think. i am not some sort of subversive anti-nationalist… if such a thing exists. more like dwelling, or even floating between several planes. indeed, at times i feel as though my head is being gently drawn, by the limitlessness of all that is eternal and “above”. into hidden realms. a sort of upper, upper-stratosphere, perhaps. but it could just be that i haven’t slept right for several years.

i am happily married with a neat collection of small children. i love them very much. i also love music. especially writing, recording and mixing it. other people’s as well. i feel honored to own a mix room/recording studio in athens, georgia. i call this roomfiftythree. there is an atticus finch swinging seat on the porch of my home. but no boo radley in the cellar.

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i’ll hopefully be looking in more depth later at the issue of “free” music and who’s really paying for it… but till then, 8 simple (and hopefully obvious) ways you can support your local music scene.

1. ATTEND SHOWS. actually attend the shows of the local bands you like. don’t just say you will, and never turn up… bands need moral support as well as financial!

2, BUY DIRECT. buy the records of the artists you like… from them direct, if possible. don’t forget — although convenient — buying an artist’s record online usually deprives them of up to 50% of what they would otherwise earn.

3. JUST BUY. buy the records of the artists you like. that’s right… BUY. never ever (however tempting) copy an artist’s CD without their permission or download it illegally.

4. TIP. bands earn next to nothing for playing shows… how about tipping them? seriously! we’re used to tipping in other service-related industries… why not? especially after a particularly awesome performance! or if you’re too shy to contemplate throwing money at your favorite band… offer to pay a few dollars more for their latest record… or entire back catalog (that’s been bundled with a t-shirt) for only $5!

5. DON’T BE TIGHT. that’s right,”tight” as in: mean, miserly, niggardly, close-fisted, parsimonious, penny-pinching, cheeseparing, Scroogelike, cheap and mingy etc!  just because you know someone in the band doesn’t mean you should expect (or ask) to be put on the free list… how about showing them some love by stopping your whinging, shutting up and agreeing to pay the measly $3 at the door?! only a suggestion mind you… 🙂

6. BE GENEROUS. if you’re in a band, offer to pay guest musicians on your next recording… don’t just ask (or assume) they can do it for free. even if you can’t afford industry rates (whatever they are!)… something is better than nothing!

7. THINK LOCAL. if you’re in a band, consider raising money on “Kickstarter” or “IndieGoGo” to pay a local, professional recording studio to operate the boards. not only will you end up with a much better sounding record… studios (as much as musicians) struggle to make a living doing what they love!

8. NO ROCKSTARS. if you’re in a band, treat your fans really, really well! take the time to get to know them, both online and in person after shows. buy them a beer every now and then! invite them to house parties. don’t just contact them when you want something. and please don’t be the guy that only ever tweets or updates his artist page with: “we’re gonna be rockin’ & kickin’ some at the [insert venue name] friday night! bring it people, bring it!!!”

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