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today it occurred to me. for the first time evenly. and in a flash all sudden. that i don’t need a career. i don’t need a career. that’s right. I DON’T NEED A CAREER.

so why did they lie to us back in school? and why have those voices continued to lie? covering me with years. and why have i wasted so much time trying to please those… now faceless, nameless… the ever-fading. wasn’t it enough to simply pursue that for which i was made? music. art. creativity…

this revelation now falls like a dark curtain all covered in whys. to the unlocked day. all white light. ever-expanding, hissing air. when all i needed was enough to survive. and time to dream. to build imaginary bridges across non-existent streams. o earth. some things reveal themselves too slowly. and take half a lifetime. to be half-imagined.

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